At Abundant Life Church, three heart felt directives sum up why we are here, why we exist, and where we are going.

1. To win the lost to the Kingdom of God,

2. To bring healing to those who have been hurt, or are suffering from sickness or addiction.

3. To help each believer discover their "purpose" and equip them to fulfill their purpose. 

This is our purpose.


From our Pastor

One of the stated missions of Abundant Life Church is to bring restoration and reconciliation to the displaced and discarded within the Body of Christ. It is amazing the number of individuals that I have encountered recently who once served the Lord faithfully in Kingdom work and are now no longer involved. Their circumstances are varied. Some have been rejected because of family situations. Others have been "discharged" because of personality conflicts or differences in methodolgy. Still others are left behind due to a change in leadership. Although the circumstances differ, the end result is the same. Many of God's chosen instruments are not fulfilling their purpose in God's Kingdom.

It is important to remember that God never "revokes" His calling on our lives. Consider Paul's words to the Roman church. "God's gifts and God's call are under full waranty - never canceled, never rescinded" Romans 11:29 (The Message). Furthermore, in order to experience the abundant life Jesus spoke of in John 10:10 we must pursue the purpose of God for our life with passion, determination and dedication. The only true joy in life comes from serving Him in the center of His call.

I challenge you to seek out God's purpose for your life and then pursue it with all that is within you.


Pastor Mike